Schools for Social Media Change is a concerned group of school boards, schools, Canadian leaders and organizations working together to demand accountability from social media tech giants for disrupting the education system.

School boards work to promote student achievement and well-being, developing society’s next generation of leaders. Social media products are creating compulsive use amongst children, causing behavioral dysregulation across the student population. The alleged negligent conduct of social media companies is disrupting school boards’ ability to carry out their mandates.

Educators and schools have been left to manage this fallout, causing a significant strain on their resources.

Harms Caused to School Boards

Educators and administrators are spending time and resources addressing issues caused by compulsive social media use
Administrators are adjusting curriculum to respond to an unfocused and inattentive student population
Additional costs for increased mental health supports
Increased need for digital literacy and online safety programming
Additional guidance counsellors, social workers, and professionals to address social media harms and addiction
Increased IT infrastructure and cyber security
Resources needed to investigate and respond to threats made against schools, staff, and students over social media
Property damage and vandalism in response to social media challenges
Resources to protect children from adult predators and risks involved with child sexual assault materials (CSAM)

It’s time to call on social media giants to fix it.
Social media giants must make their products safer and compensate school boards for disrupting their educational mandate.